Ryan Gosling would join Marvel Studios for a new project


Marvel continues to expand its cast and now would have added one of the most important actors in Hollywood: Ryan Gosling. He knows all the details and when it opens.

Ryan Gossling
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The race of Ryan Gossling She is one of the most admired and applauded in Hollywood. This is because the actor, over the years, managed to demonstrate his versatility and talent when it comes to being in front of the cameras. Moreover, the great proof of this is that he has gone through most of the genres that exist in the industry, setting trends, such as when he starred in Diary of a passion.

Nevertheless, Ryan Gossling he was not stuck in a single role and going through different characters is how he demonstrates it. But now, the actor, while he waits for the premiere of The Gray Man via Netflixwhich is one of the most anticipated movies on the platform and is working on Barbie, already has a new project at the door. Although, it should be noted, it is not yet fully confirmed, but this possibility was opened for the interpreter months ago and it sounds more and more powerful.

According to the media Giant Freakin Robot, Ryan Gosling joins Marvel for filming that will begin in 2023. These rumors of the actor’s arrival in the superhero franchise began months ago, but it has not yet been taken for granted. But, according to what was recently reported, now he would be in talks with the study led by Kevin Feige in order to coordinate and officially bring a new character to life.

There have been no details yet on whether the hero will star in a Disney+ movie or series, but we’re sure Ryan Gosling will play Nova for Marvel in the future.”, indicates said portal. Of course, a few days ago there was also speculation that Marvel would be looking for an actor younger than Tom Holland for this character they can add him to the list of the New Avengers. But, to tell the truth, Gosling has everything to keep the position and the fan art that has transpired on social networks proves it.

In fact, bringing Richard Rider, better known as NOVA, to life, Ryan Gossling will return to action. This is because this character is part of the MCU comics where his story relates that he is a member of the intergalactic police force, known as the Nova Corporation. There he begins to gain various superpowers, including increased strength, flight, and damage resistance.

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