Rome, the confession that reveals the future: what Cristiano Ronaldo will do

Roma continues to pursue the Cristiano Ronaldo dream, a confession appears on the negotiation that reveals the intentions of the interested parties.

There Rome And Cristiano Ronaldoby now we know, until there is the end word this will be the summer hit. Impossible dream? It is no longer possible to know. Too many times it happens that the impossible becomes reality. Greater than the name of the champion in question there is only the desire to dream of Roma supporters. So between blows and rumors, true and presumed, it is difficult to extricate oneself in the forest of market indiscretions. A new confession however it seems to sweep away any doubts.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Roma’s dream of the transfer market. (LaPresse)

Before the first name that begins to bounce between the serious and the facetious, then the denials, the cold showers, then the date of the alleged presentation. CR7 to Rome now it is the gossip of the market destined to drive people crazy journalists And fans from all over Italy.

There final word but perhaps it may have already arrived, indeed for some it is just like that. Although there are still schools of thought that go into the opposite directionthe confession of a person very close to Cristiano Ronaldosays his about it.

“See you on July 4th” the sentence about Cristiano Ronaldo sweeps away the doubts

cristiano ronaldo football day rome 20220701 lapresse
CR7 in action with the Portuguese national team (LaPresse)

While a Rome there are those who still deal with the eventual sale of Zaniolo the Giallorossi will be able to afford the salary of Portuguese championthere is a declaration who would appear to be very sure how things will go.

To make it is a teammate of Cristiano Ronaldoboth in the Portuguese national team than in Manchester Unitedit’s about Bruno Fernandes. The Lusitanian footballer said he heard CR7See you on 4th July” he has declared. Monday 4, however, is not a “random” day but the date of Manchester United rally. That Cristiano Ronaldo show up at the meeting, however, it means nothing. The ex-Real Madrid is not only in orbit Rome, but also Bayern Monaco And Sporting Lisbon. about that Bruno Fernandes he added that he does not believe that i Red Devils are intent on losing a player like CR7.

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