Review The Princess: A ‘medieval John Wick’ with Joey King for Disney +

Disney+through the service Star, continues to strengthen its offer of films for a more adult and adolescent audience. Brand new this summer Preythe prequel to the saga predator, and since its emergence in countries like Spain, Star has gradually become the home of the most popular series, movies or licenses. In addition to serving as a container for the entire catalog of the old Fox, Star is also the distribution channel for a good number of original productions like this one. The Princessa brazen and direct action film starring Joey King (Crazy Stupid Love, Independence Day: Counterattack) and that has the production of Derek Kolstad, creator of the saga John Wick with Keanu Reeves. In Vandal We have been able to see it in advance – it premieres on Disney + today on July 1 – and we tell you what we thought in a criticism without spoilers.

A fable full of action and incessant fights

In The princess, the strength of a young royal, skillful and formidable with a sword, is put to the test. beautiful and tenacious, refuses to marry in an arranged marriage with a sociopath cruel and bloodthirsty, who gives life to Dominic Cooper (Preacher). After conquering the castle in which he lives, this future heir to the throne of the fantasy kingdom in which the film is set, decides to lock her in the top of the highest tower of the castle. Trapped and tied to the bed, one day he decides to run away from her, although her suitor, spiteful and vindictive, is determined to seize the throne at any cost. The tape is signed by the Vietnamese director Le-Van Kieta filmmaker entrenched in the horror and action genre who ventures, for the first time, into the field of North American productions.

disney princess

Funny, this ‘medieval John Wick’ has good action sequences and very imaginative choreography

Just a few seconds of footage are enough to realize that in this film, unlike the usual and classic fables, the protagonist will not need any prince or army to guarantee her salvation, and although at first we may believe that we are facing a kind of version of The Princess Bride, nothing is further from reality. Yes, it has a certain aftertaste of the most nostalgic fantasy, sword and sorcery productions, but with a clearly current flavor, plagued by the usual tics of the action and fighting genre. In fact, one of the successes The princess It’s his big beat, sometimes strenuouswhich in combination with its short duration -barely an hour and a half-, make the plot develop like a shot during almost the entire footage based on powerful fights, impossible choreographies with swords and armor everywhere and the occasional flash back.

disney princess

The history is interspersing with some intelligence the past of this heiress to the throne with her current delicate situationall this while he is getting rid of his captors and engage in combat with the numerous guardsvillains and lieutenants who guard her in the tower. Its structure is almost that of a video game, in which the protagonist overcomes different phases and combats – each one more crazy and original – and watches as she awakens in her an ever greater fury. One thing she does especially well The princess is your call handling subversion of expectations. In the cinematographic field -and in entertainment in general-, it is common for very similar situations to occur in movies or series, with patterns that are repeated over and over again in the same way or that seek similar solutions for their execution. Here you are not sure how one character or another will be saved, or how they will surprise us in the next room or area in which the sovereignty that gives the work its title has to enter.

Disney Princess Joey King

which has a somewhat decaffeinated ending

In this aspect, and in some of its most emblematic sequences, tends to surprise the viewerwho will never be able to put her hand in the fire because of the way in which the princess will end up coming out of an encounter unscathed or defeating the huge and imposing guard that prevents her from passing. It’s a bit like what happens with John Wick -Kolstad production stands out- and much of Guy Ritchie’s filmography but, unfortunately, not so classy. Yes ok The princess seeks to leave us with our tongues hanging out constantly, tired and exhausted from so much clashing of swords, and there are some other set-piece inspired, the tape has a hard time getting to the end. It is curious, because its duration is not excessive and its rhythm stands out from other sections, but gives the impression of not dosing his cards and strengths well. When we stand near the end, and some other script twist is consumed, The princess seems to reach the finish line a little short of ideas. Her resolution is not up to expectations, and although humor and a certain moral manage to exalt itwe believe that it would not have been more to raise its climax in another way.

Although it is entertaining, and it barely lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, it reaches the end with a fair bit of ideas

Joey King The Princess

In any case, we believe that this little problem is not bice to condemn it excessively. The princess it’s a movie entertaining, very funny and surprising at its start, and that has a charismatic protagonist who seems to fit the action like a glove. However, we will see Joey King in the long-awaited Bullet Train with David Leitch (another father of John Wick) and it seems that it will continue accumulating roles in Hollywood films after its success among the most adolescent public. He has earned it by hand and in this case, by sword. The princess premieres today July 1 on Disney +.

We have seen The Princess in early access through the Debut platform thanks to the courtesy of the Way to Blue agency and Disney Spain.

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