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J’s fansJulia Roberts and George Clooney are jubilant after learning that they will be together again on the big screen with ‘Passage to paradise’, a romantic comedy with which they will show off their talent and chemistry to win back their audience.

October 21, is the official date of its premiereso we will still have to wait to enjoy this couple who had not met again on set since starring in Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, Ocean’s Twelve in 2004, and Money Monster in 2016. For this reason, when bringing them together again in a clearly light plot full of romanticism, more than one was delirious, since both stars have the charisma and versatility to carry out this project in which for the first time they star in a comedy, a genre that they had abandoned. for a long time.

That is why, on this occasion, it will be up to them to show themselves as an ex-partner who will do everything possible to prevent the wedding of her 19-year-old daughter. Here they will demonstrate that despite their differences, love can be reborn in them if they are clear about their goals of educating their children in the correct way and that they do not make the same mistakes that they have already made in an opportunity.

Hence this production is called to be one of the most familiar, that will leave important messages and that will also reconfirm that this couple is the ideal one to continue consolidating this genre that was losing a bit of strength within the demanding entertainment industry.

Reveal trailer for ‘A Passage to Paradise’, starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney

And given the expectations that it has generated ‘Passage to paradise’ Y its amazing leads Julia Roberts and George Clooneyits filmmakers decided to give a preview or first trailer about what will be this story full of love, reflection and lots of laughter.

In the images you can appreciate the incredible connection between these impressive acting figures who return renewed, happy and willing to continue reaping success, but through a genre in which they had never experienced together, but rather separately. “I thought, well, this only works if it’s George Clooney,” said Roberts upon receiving the script and thus reviewed it the Vanity Fair website.

While Clooney agreed that he would not have opted for this comedy if he had not done so alongside an actress like her: “I haven’t really done a romantic comedy since ‘One Fine Day.’ Julia and I are mean to each other in the funniest way.” the actor told Deadline.

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