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    Chris Pratt goes over to streaming with ‘The Final List’, the new Amazon Prime Video series and perfect for fans of Tom Clancy stories (such as ‘No Regrets’, one of the best recent movies on Amazon Prime Video, or ‘Jack Ryan’, one of the best action series on Amazon Prime Video) or those looking for a story of mystery, suspense and lies that unfolds episode by episode.

    Based on the novel by Jack Carr, ‘The Final List’ (in the original version, ‘The Terminal List’) follows James Reece (Pratt), a United States Navy SEAL commander who experiences a real tragedy in the first operation military where we find him: his entire platoon is killed during a mission and he is the only one to return home, safe and sound but with severe post-traumatic stress disorder. However, the problems do not end there: how did everything go so wrong? How is it possible that they were waiting to ambush them? The suspicious details are piling up and the protagonist will begin an odyssey to find answers, torn between the possibility of a real conspiracy and the possibility that he has simply lost his mind.

    This series is based on the first of the five novels that Carr dedicated to the characters of James Reece, so we could expect it to continue with a second season. For now, We review the lights and shadows of this first season of ‘The final list’, which convinces… halfway.


    Pro: the presence of Chris Pratt

    chris pratt on the final list

    Amazon Prime Video

    Chris Pratt started to become a recognizable face thanks to one series, ‘Parks and Recreation’ (complete on HBO Max in July), and the countless memes and gifs he provided us with. Although of course, it was with the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ saga and his entry into the world of Marvel movies when Pratt took off towards stardom. Now, some years later and with the streaming become the favorite home of Hollywood stars, Chris Pratt returns to television with ‘The Final List’, and it is undeniable that his presence is the main attraction of the project. He’s not the only one: the Amazon Prime Video series also stars Riley Keough, Taylor Kitsch and Constance Wu in the cast, as well as filmmaker Antoine Fuqua (director of hit movies like ‘Training Day’ and ‘The Equalizer’) directing the first episode.

    Con: should have been a movie

    the final list

    Amazon Prime Video

    We love series, but sometimes you have to know when a story is more suitable as a feature film. With ‘The Final List’ we have this feeling: that tension due to the unfolding plot and the surprises that await at each script twist would have been more effective compressed into a two-hour movie than in a series of eight episodes with almost one hour long each. That makes it eight hours of television hours to adapt a 500-page book that is characterized by its fast-paced action, and that here is diluted between unnecessary footage.

    Pro: the action scenes

    chris pratt on the final list

    Amazon Prime Video

    Of course, a series like ‘The Final List’ had to shine in its action sequences. And in that respect it does quite well, mainly because it is the center around which everything in its proposal revolves. On Reece’s journey to find the truth and cross names off his list (hence the title) to exact revenge, we experience some heart-stopping shootout scenes, melee fights and other displays of brute force that fans of the game will love. action movies and thrillers that put all the meat on the grill. There are also moments to appreciate the protagonist’s talent for covering his tracks, chasing without being seen, and generally always being on the lookout for what might happen. Maybe he’s losing his mind, but he’s always 100%.

    Con: it is quite generic and not very timely

    chris pratt on the final list

    Amazon Prime Video

    Perfect for Tom Clancy fans, yes, but perhaps those same fans will be a little disappointed by the proposal: ‘The final list’ is a thriller with a fairly generic plot and characters in which it does not delve in the slightest. Its protagonist is a Rambo of the 21st century who undertakes an odyssey that we can no longer see with the same eyes that we saw Sylvester Stallone in 1982, and that inevitably connects with a sector of the American public (his main target) that he will see as a fantasy made reality the fact that a soldier sets himself up as judge and executioner to punish with his arsenal of firearms those who are corrupt in the system who do not respect the work of the armed forces.

    The series capitalizes on the historical rage of an entire collective, turns its psychologically disturbed protagonist into a hero despite the trail of corpses he leaves behind, fetishizes weapons (something inopportune, if ever) and builds a thriller based on the North American epic where every two times three we will see a United States flag waving in the background of the plane. Even so, the most questionable, generic and uninspired thing is its staging of dull and lifeless tones, its typical narrative clichés of this type of suspense proposals and the common places that gives us the feeling of having traveled more than once .


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