Nicolas Cage Fighter releases music video for his new single, “Compound And Fracture”

australian band, Nicolas Cage Fighter, has taken advantage of his social networks to announce the release of his new studio album entitled «The Bones That Grew From Pain». As we know, this new album will be released on July 22, 2022 through Metal Blade Records. You can see the video clip of the group’s new single by clicking on the YouTube player below:

Tracklist and cover of “The Bones That Grew From Pain“:

01.Grey Eye
02. Shrine of Wire
03. Coughing Nails
04.Static Abyss
05. The Bones That Grew from Pain
06. Weeping Sores
07. Compound and Fracture
09. Heretic’s Vow
10. A Great Ruinous Deed

Nicolas Cage Fighter

Nicolas Cage Fighter

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