Neymar among the Brazilian children to regain the PSG

The Brazilian in Praia Grande, in the neighborhood where he started playing. His contract is renewed for another 5 years, but in Paris it is under discussion

Under pressure at the PSG, where they would no longer guarantee him the job, Neymar has returned to his roots, among the streets of Praia Grande. Perhaps also to seek new motivations and send a signal of concreteness to Paris, to those who accuse him of a style that is too frivolous. The Brazilian champion yesterday went to the Jardim Gloria district, where he began to kick the ball, in Rua B with friends, before taking flight to the world top. It is here, in his childhood places, that the attacker founded the Neymar Jr Institute, which daily hosts 2,000 local boys and girls, aged between 7 and 17: “A reason to be proud to give them an opportunity and a future “, says the Brazilian from today officially linked to PSG until 2027.


A clause of the contract renewed just over a year ago until 2025, provides that the working relationship with the Emir of Qatar’s club will be extended for another five seasons. An armor that does not, however, take it away from market rumors and media criticism. Neymar then took advantage of the last few days of vacation to go to his academy, which has recently reopened after the two years of the pandemic. A place to play sports – from football to basketball, but also handball, dance, new, volleyball and judo – and also to study and complete the school process. A way also to keep the children out of trouble: “Here there are activities to make them play but also to grow with trained teachers, and give them a good future. I am proud to give back a little to the community that has given me so much”.


So yesterday was a return to origins for the Brazilian who reminded his students “that nothing should be taken for granted but that opportunities can arise even when you least expect them”. The Parisian star, however, is today more than ever under discussion at PSG, where the management wants to demonstrate that it is worth the 222 million euros spent in 2017 to snatch him from the Catalans. In recent days, rumors of a possible sale have spread to Europe, but the Brazilian seems determined to stick to the 30 million contract, including bonuses. Among the boys of Gremio, the 30-year-old Neymar has certainly found some stimuli that will be indispensable for him to return to work, on Monday with the new coach Galtier, and to prove that he can be part of the new course wanted by president Al Khelaifi who claims more sweat and less sequins. As in the days of Rua B.

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