Netflix: what can be seen in July? | Series, documentaries and feature films

stranger things. Series (volume 2 of the fourth season). 1st of July.

Vecna ​​stirred things up in the Upside Down. Farewells, revelations and the great battle between the Hawkins with that unwanted son between hellraiser Y Nightmare. It will be two episodes (four hours long) to run uphill and the coda of a certain Kate Bush theme.

boo bitch. Miniseries. July 8.

An introverted girl is in her senior year of high school as a ghost, a chance for her to surface with a sly energy. The fiction starring Lana Condor (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) seeks to consecrate itself as the heathers of this time. That is to say, bad girls, the secondary context together with a buzzing and malicious tone.

The longest night. Series. July 8

Woe to Spanish productions and their fondness for master strokes! The loot, this time, will not be money but a serial killer. The director of the Monte Baruca prison (Alberto Ammann de narcs) must resist the siege of a commando group. That said, the omelette The Money Heist with new ingredients and a turn of the pan. The Iberian thriller consists of six episodes.

DB Cooper, where are you? Documentary miniseries. 13 of July.

In LokiNot long ago, Thor’s brother could be seen playing DB Cooper. That level of fascination arouses the aeronautical pirate who in 1971 hijacked a Boeing 727, asked for a ransom, put on a parachute and disappeared with a suitcase with 200 thousand dollars without leaving a trace of his whereabouts. These four episodes delve into the mysterious fact that the FBI could not solve, its legend and impact on popular culture.

Resident Evil. Series. July 14

A merciless virus turns humans into cursed series. A dark corporation. A heroine with many questions and all kinds of weapons. Lasting premise for a successful saga of video games and feature films that is now being released as a series. The post-apocalyptic action takes place in 2036 and follows Jade Wesker (Siena Agudong) as she struggles to survive in an environment plagued by bloodthirsty creatures.

the gray man. Feature film. July 22.

After four feature films of the universe avengers, the Russo brothers are a safe bet for full-throttle blockbusters. This production – Netflix’s most expensive in its history and based on a novel by Mark Greaney – follows a former CIA agent (Ryan Gosling) persecuted by a psychopathic colleague (Chris Evans). Prepare the popcorn.

The most hated man on the internet. Documentary series. July 27th.

In 2010, Hunter Moore created a website where explicit photos of men and women were posted without their consent. In a short time, became an infamous beacon of XXX content and misogyny, and its ideologue in what the documentary titled. Its three episodes expose the fall of this self-proclaimed “professional life ruiner” and “king of revenge porn.”

Pipe. Feature film. July 27th.

Closure for the police trilogy starring Luisana Lopilato, directed by Alejandro Montiel, based on the novels by Florencia Etcheves. Human trafficking, the gender agenda, the landscape of northern Argentina, and a new case for Manuela Pipe Pelari.

mismatched. Series. July 29.

Neil Patrick Harris plays a man in his forties abandoned by his husband after seventeen years of living together. Or like the actor who played Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, puts a twist on that character with a new alter ego in the always fascinating New York. The romantic comedy bears the stamp of Darren Star (Emily in Paris, sex and the city) and Jeffrey Richman (modern-family and Fraser).

Fanatic. Series. July 29.

The actor and ragpicker Toto Ferro (The Angel Y the fringe) offers his Ziggy Stardust. In the series of micro episodes he plays an urban music artist who commits suicide at the first concert of a world tour. He also embodies Lázaro, a follower of Lázaro, with the chance to become his own idol.

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