Messi in Serie A, there is the admission of the manager: “It’s my dream”

Lionel Messi is the dream of (at least) one of the clubs present in Serie A for next season: the manager admits it, here are his words.

Lionel Messi is the dream of many clubs, especially around Europe. Thanks to its economic strength, the PSG managed last year to secure his football performances. Yet, even in Serie A, one manager in particular has admitted the fact that having him in the team would be a real thing dream.

Lionel Messi (ANSA Photo)

To dream, certainly big, there is therefore the president of the Cremoneseor Ariedo Braida. Intercepted by the microphones of ‘’the manager spoke in general of what is the market that Cremonese intends to make during this summer.

But then he also talked about one of his own dreams in the drawer. When asked who will be the hit in attack ahead of next season, Braida in fact, he did not think twice about it and immediately pronounced the name of Messi. I also dream of many others. So here are what his words were.

Braida smiles sitting in the Cremonese armchair
Ariedo Braida (LaPresse)

Transfer market, Braida reveals his dream for the Cremonese attack: “Solamente Messi”

Ariedo Braidapresident of Cremonese, was interviewed yesterday evening by ‘’. He spoke to their microphones in general about the market the club is making, referring above all to Radu it’s at Calafiori. “Radu will do the medical examinations, then we will put the signatures and his new season will start on Monday”.

He then went on to say: “Calafiori? At the moment they are only hypotheses, let’s see if there will be the conditions to bring it to us. It is clear that the will of the two clubs and that of the player must be met ”. “My dream would only be Messi“, Said Braida, then letting himself go to a pleased laugh. One thing is certain, the Cremonese has as its first objective to be as competitive as possible, to seal its permanence in the Italian top flight championship.

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