Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are working together again on a movie about the most iconic sneakers in history

When the world is running at full speed, it is comforting to see that something remains constant, like the old friendship between Matt Damon Y Ben Affleckwho work together again.

The couple, who were seen on Wednesday strolling through a set shooting in the sunny city of Los Angeles, is in full shooting of the film, still untitled, about the crusade of Nike to get a contract with Michael Jordan. This deal would spawn the Air Jordan empire and mark the birth of sneaker culture as we know it. In addition to co-writing the script, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck -also director of the film- will respectively play Sonny Vaccaro, a shoe salesman who noticed Jordan in the 1980s and a former Nike executive, and Phil Knight, co-founder of the signature. Damon nails the iconic and eighties look of Vaccaro, with his polo shirt and pager hooked to his belt.

The project is his third four-handed script after The irrepressible Will Hunting, Oscar winner in 1997, and the last duel (2021), and also the first time Ben directs his old friend.

As reported Varietyin the cast they are accompanied by many important names: Jason Bateman plays Rob Strasser, a former Nike executive who oversaw marketing for the Jordans; Chris Tucker stars as junior executive and former University of Maryland basketball player Howard White. On Michael Jordan’s team are Viola Davis, who plays her mother Deloris de ella; Chris Messina, who plays his original agent, and Marlon Wayans as legendary basketball coach George Raveling, a mutual friend of Jordan and Vaccaro who helped get the deal off the ground.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Jordan’s character will be treated as a “mythical figure” and will not appear on screen.

This article was originally published on the US version of GQ.

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