Marvel thinks of Ryan Gosling to give life to a very popular character in comics: Nova

An important part of the Hollywood stars have been incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM). And in this context, entertainment media are already launching another one to the list. Ryan Gosling, an actor recognized for films such as ‘La La Land’, Diary of a passion or ‘The first man on the moon’, would be the new signing.

Apparently, it is suspected that Gosling would be in negotiations with Marvel to play Richard Rider, also known as Nova. Since the beginning of this year, the franchise would have been working on a project involving Nova, the space policeman who bases his powers on energy.

It is not yet known if the hero will star in a feature film or a Disney + series. Nor will production begin soon, as Rosling is currently filming Barbie: The Movie, with Margot Robbie as the popular doll and Gosling as her boyfriend, Ken.

It is also known that Gosling’s agenda includes a film with a veteran Marvel figure, Chris Evans. Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ will have the two stars playing trained assassins with various degrees of interesting facial hair. It is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, directors who among other things led the box office ‘Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame’.

If the news of the signing of Ryan Gosling is confirmed, his character could become one of the most popular in the UCM. Richard Rider is usually portrayed as an ordinary human being given the mantle and powers of Nova by a dying alien member of an intergalactic police force and told never to say the words “Hal Jordan”. In the current comics he is paired with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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