Marriage Taylor Swift, according to The Sun, is about to marry Joe Alwyn

After the sighting of the couple traveling to Mexico, for the English tabloid there is no doubt: the two are keeping the secret on the details of the wedding that could take place soon

The British tabloids leave no room for doubt: Taylor Swift it would be close to the altar but the pop star would seem willing to keep the details of hers secret marriage to Joe Alwyn. Fans of the couple are practically warned: there are no confirmations or denials on when the “yes, I do” will be pronounced because both the singer-songwriter and the actor will continue, even at this stage, to maintain the strictest privacy on their story. ‘love.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are allegedly keeping the wedding secret

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This isn’t the first time the media has been arguing about orange blossom for Taylor Swift, as her relationship with the British actor of Conversation With Friends has been going on steadily for at least five years. This time though a source close to the couple revealed to the The Sun that the two are the protagonists of a particularly happy moment also linked to marriage proposal received from Swift who is avoiding wearing hers beautiful ring in public to hide it from the paparazzi. Ring aside, the couple flew to Mexico a few weeks ago and the attitude suggested to observers that the two were almost having a honeymoon test. Everything suggests, therefore, that the marriage will take place shortly and that the relatives and long-time friends of the two are already aware of the date but the future spouses would have imposed silence on them.

The wedding will remain private


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When Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn crown their love there will be no magazine photographers shooting exclusive photo, the source confirmed to the English tabloid, as the two will want to experience this unforgettable moment privately, in line with the confidentiality with which they have tried to carry on their story up to this moment. The Sun writes that the ceremony, when it takes place, it will be simple and elegantperfectly in harmony with the style of the American singer appreciated all over the world.

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