Lorenzo Vizzini Ragusa’s new ep comes out today

Ragusa – “Riviera”, the new ep by Lorenzo Vizzini, is released today on all digital platforms. The disc, anticipated in recent months by some singles, contains six songs inspired by the Italian summers of the 60s, produced by Lorenzo Vizzini himself, together with Iacopo Pinna.

“The idea for this record was born over a year ago. During the months of home confinement I had immersed myself in listening to 60s music, both light and film. At that moment my world was closed in the perimeter of the house and I really missed traveling or even just seeing the sea. So I tried to slip into a kind of time machine and revisit and pay homage to that historical period that fascinates me so much in my own way. It is a record dedicated to the Italian summer and all the beautiful images that remind me of it: the sea and loves, melancholy and lightheartedness and a thousand other things. “

The project sees the participation of many international musicians, including trumpeter Ryan Svendsen (Kanye West, Elton John, Shawn Mendes). The covers and the art direction of the album were handled by the Argentine artist Julieta Vivas.

THE SONGS (track by track)
I wrote this song after a long time that I did not return to Marina di Ragusa, where I spent the holidays until my adolescence. In recent years I have often spent summers away from home and in this song many memories have mixed with nostalgia. In between there are a thousand images and perhaps the awareness that many things are more beautiful to remember than to live.

It is a small love story that I imagined between a Gallura boy and a French tourist. They meet at the bar, but she’s leaving the next day. In short, a summer amorazzo that will end the following morning, accompanied by flutes, violins and accordions.


“Venere” was the first single to come out and perhaps it is the most daughter song of the 60s. I imagined it as a night ballad, with a soft-erotic gait accompanied by a romantically innocent lyrics and a saxophone solo that repeats the melodic line, in homage to Fausto Papetti.

It is the story of a love that is a bit Argentine and a bit Italian, made up of small domestic habits. In between there are Milan, herbal teas, bedspreads and many other things of the house. It is a small dedication to all those scary creatures that are lovers.


This is also a little regretful summer love story. Many years have passed and she is married, while he continues to play tambourines and sees his past vanish in a bubble of water. I wanted to write my little tribute inspired by what is a great passion of mine: Brazilian popular music. There are only percussion and the cavaquinho of maestro Joao Callado to accompany me. The magic of Brazilian music is that it makes you smile despite the sadness: that underlying saudade seemed perfect to accompany this story.

“Santa Domenica” is the last song and it is the only one that moves the scenery from the sea to my city. Here I tell what remains of Ragusa and what I carry inside, even staying away from it. As the ending of the disc, perhaps, it summarizes what these songs have been for me: an imagined journey into something that (by now) does not belong to me.

Lorenzo Vizzini is an author and composer, born in Ragusa in 1993. He has signed pieces for Renato Zero, Marco Mengoni, Francesco Gabbani, Emma, ​​Ornella Vanoni, Mr.Rain, Birdy, Arisa, Simona Molinari and many others.

Winner of the Siae Award, announced to award distinguished authors under 30 on the national scene, he follows in parallel with his career as an author, that of songwriter and producer.
In 2015 he released his first album of unreleased tracks, Il Viaggio, artistically produced by Iacopo Pinna and by the Sicilian singer-songwriter himself, while in 2018 it was the turn of the second album, L’aria di casa. The third unreleased album, SuXMario, was released on February 26, 2021, for the UMA Records label and distributed by Sony Music.

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