Kaws and Bananín come together to create the Kawsbananín outfit

American artist and designer Brian ‘Kaws’ Donnelly is no stranger to the battle royale world, hosting an in-game exhibit and transforming his iconic skeleton into an outfit. Now, Kaws is back to join one of the most iconic characters in FortniteBananin, and shape a new outfit and cosmetics: Kawsbananin.

This new character was introduced in a new trailer:

How to get the Kawsbananin outfit and cosmetics in Fortnite

The Kawsbananin outfit and related cosmetics will be available in the Fortnite from Friday, July 2, 2022 at 7:00 pm (Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador time). At that time the well-known outfit will also return kaws skeleton in four different colors: green, pink, off-white and orange.

The outfit will be accompanied by the Kaws Companion retro backpackwhich will have the ‘Grey Days’ and ‘Noir Nights’ styles.

Fortnite: Kaws and Bananín team up to create the new Kawsbananín outfit and cosmetics

The following cosmetics can also be purchased separately or in a bundle:

  • Glider Far from home
  • Paper time to mature
Fortnite: Kaws and Bananín team up to create the new Kawsbananín outfit and cosmetics

Art exhibition ‘Kaws New Fiction’

In addition to dressing as the iconic skeletons and their fusion with Bananín, we will be able to revisit a recreation of the Serpentine North Gallery in London which had already been available at the beginning of the year. In this exhibition we will see paintings, sculptures and works of art of augmented reality developed for Fortnite with Acute Art, created by Kaws.

They can enter by entering the island code 9441-7852-6686.

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