Kate Winslet Transforms into Pandora’s Warrior in New Images of James Cameron’s Long-Awaited Sequel

There is less and less left for us to see ‘Avatar: The sense of water’, a sequel that at the time seemed to be postponed so much that it was hard to believe that it would end up existing. Now we have a new reminder of that with the release of a new batch of images focused on the character played by Kate Winslet.

This is the character of Kate Winslet

Let us remember that Winslet meets here for the first time with James Cameron since the premiere of ‘Titanic’ a whopping time ago. 25 years. Of course, here his character has nothing to do with Rose, because she gets into Ronal’s skin, a Na’vi war that leads the Metkayina tribe together with Tonowari, played by Cliff Curtis.

Avatar 2 Scene Kte Winslet

This tribe will have a great importancea in the long-awaited sequel, and Winslet has also given us several hints about a character she describes as “deeply loyal and fearless”commenting in turn the following about Ronal:

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She is strong, a warrior. Despite facing great danger and being pregnant, she joins her people and fights for what she loves most: her family and her home.

In addition, everything indicates that Winslet made a titanic effort in ‘Avatar 2’, because at the time it was said that she was capable ofe holding your breath underwater for more than 7 minutes. An astonishing figure in any case, but it was something new for her, to the point of qualifying the process to complete her work as superhuman.

Avatar 2 Scene

Except for unexpected last-minute postponements, ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ will be released on December 16. Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated films of this 2022. We’ll see if it also ends up being one of the best, but there I already have my doubts.

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