Johnny Depp will be represented by Camille Vasquez for the second time in a trial: who sued him and why

Johnny Depp It will return to the courts of the United States after a lawsuit that had originated in 2018 advanced. the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean was accused of punching a member of the location crew for a movie he previously starred in. According to the reports, once again, he chose the lawyer Camille Vásquez, who defended him in the case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, to represent him in the new case.

A few days after finishing the recordings of City of Lies [La ciudad de las mentiras], In the local media, an alleged altercation between Depp and the location manager of the production emerged. Gregg Brooks and that would have taken place on the set of locations in April 2017. Months later, as reported by the magazine at the time folks, Depp was sued in Los Angeles, California, in 2018, for repeatedly punching the director in the ribs in the middle of a fight.

The location director argued that the actor caused him “emotional anguish”, after he hit him in the rib cage. That site also states that “The actor was upset when Brooks told him that the production of the film had to stop that day”. As indicated, the member of the staff He pointed out that they only had one more chance to film and that they had to stop filming that same day. In the complaint, he highlights folks, “Depp followed him and allegedly punched him twice in the ribs after yelling ‘who the hell are you? You have no right to tell me what to do.’”

Gregg 'Rocky' Brooks with Johnny Depp at the City of Lies tapings
Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks with Johnny Depp at the City of Lies tapingsTwitter @MyGrindelwald

On the other hand, they point out that Brooks sought the protection of a Los Angeles police officer so as not to escalate the conflict. According to information published by the magazine, In the complaint, he remarks that Depp challenged him “with $100,000 if he hit him in the face now.” at that instant.

But, after Brooks failed to react to the beating, bodyguards finally dragged Depp off the set of City of Lies. Nevertheless, Emma Danoff, the film’s script supervisor, who is believed to have been one of the eyewitnesses, said there was “no physical assault” between the men.

The lawsuit transpired after the final verdict was known in the trial against Amber Heard, where the actor was represented by the team of lawyers from the Brown Rudnick law firm, led by Camille Vasquez, Benjamin Chew, Andrew Crawford, Wayne Dennison, and Rebecca MacDowell Lecaroz.

Once again, as quoted by local media, The actor chose the lawyer who is believed to have Latin roots and who last year received an award as one of the best lawyers who start the career, to represent him in the courts of Los Angeles. This time, the claim would be for “damages for the injury,” so Brooks demands financial compensation before the Justice, which has not yet been revealed. The scheduled date for the litigation is believed to be next July 25, where Camille will again face a new jury that will be in charge of making the final verdict for the new cause.

Lawyer Camille Vasquez became a key player in the trial against Amber Heard
Lawyer Camille Vasquez became a key player in the trial against Amber Heard STEVE HELBER – AFP

city ​​of lies is a British-American police thriller starring Johnny Depp Y Forest Whitaker. The film is inspired by the book of Randall Sullivan LAbyrinth, where Depp plays former Los Angeles detective Russell Poole, who unsuccessfully investigated the iconic rapper’s murder The Notorious BIG in that city in 1997. With the collaboration of a journalist named Jackson (Whitaker), Poole decides to take up the case on his own 20 years later and explore the possible connection with the murder of another legend of the genre, Tupac Shakurwho was shot in Las Vegas in September 1996, after a fight with boxer Mike Tyson.

The actor shared the post promoting the film on his social media
The actor shared the post promoting the film on his social mediaInstagram @johnnydepp

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