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Although three years have passed since the last time Chris Evans appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the skin of Captain America, many people still speculate on the possible return of the actor to the franchise, despite the fact that he himself has expressed feeling that his stage there has already ended.

According to many theories floating around the internet, the 41-year-old actor would be a good choice to play the iconic character from Wolverineswho had previously been played by Hugh Jackman when the rights to the character belonged to Fox, and now, thanks to a comment from the brothers Joe and Anthony RussoThey have gained more strength.

The Russos want to see Evans as Wolverine

The filmmakers behind Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame spoke on the podcast phasezero, about what other Marvel role, Chris Evans would shine as much or more as he did in the skin of Captain America. His response automatically generated a stir among the fans.

“Evans has an incredible record and a great physique. He’s really good at body control, he’s an amazing actor. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but he doesn’t look anything like Captain America,” he explained. Joe Russo, who also directed, along with his brother, Evans in the last two films of the Captain America trilogy, a character that according to the same director is different from Evans: “Steve Rogers is very controlled, calm and discreet. Chris is energetic, funny, charismatic and brings a lot of energy to the set.”

Taking into account the qualities of the protagonist of Lightyear, the filmmaker concluded with the comment that caused a stir among the fans: “I would love to see him do something like Wolverine”.

It must be remembered that the rights of the mutant character of Marvel They have already returned to the studio like the rest of the X-Men characters, as is the case with Deadpool, for example, so Marvel already has the freedom to do what they want with the character.

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