Is Ben Affleck’s daughter also a non-binary person like Emme Muniz? | Lifestyle

J.Lo’s daughter would have helped Seraphina declare her gender identity.


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After a couple of days Emma Munizson of Jennifer Lopezconfirmed to identify as a non-binary person, using the pronoun “elle”, it seems that the daughter of Ben Affleck, Seraphina Rose Garner Affleck also declares this gender identity.

Both teenagers have been seen spending a lot of time together, enjoying walks and shopping trips, and it is that a great friendship was born between them since their parents began a relationship. According to sources close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, now also Seraphina has declared herself as a non-binary person, which means that they do not identify with any of the conventional genders, that is, feminine or masculine.

Although the information was released by entertainment media in the United States, neither Ben Affleck’s daughter with Jennifer Garner, nor her famous father have confirmed that the teenager is within the non-binary spectrum, however, like Emme, the young 13 years old has been seen wearing an androgynous image.

The daughters of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck usually dress in both boy’s and girl’s clothes, wearing large and very baggy clothes, as well as loose pants and oversized shirts, in addition to both wearing very short hair. Since their parents got back together, Emme and Seraphina spend a lot of time together, so there are several photos of them taken by paparazzi.

Regarding her non-binary identity, J. Lo has shown herself to be a mother who unconditionally supports her daughter, as well as her decisions. It was during a concert at the Foundation’s Blue Diamond Gala in Los Angeles that the actress and singer referred to her daughter with the non-binary pronouns of They/Them, which in Spanish are used as “elle”.

“The last time we performed was in a big stadium like this. And I ask him to sing with me all the time and he doesn’t want to. So this is a very special occasion. She is very, very busy, reserved and it’s expensive when he shows up on stage, but he’s worth every penny,” said Jennifer.

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