How will the next tournament be played due to the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

The next Opening 2022 is seen as an ‘express tournament’, this as a result of the trip that is about to begin towards the world in Middle Eastplacing itself as one of the shortest campaigns in Mexican soccer.

The agenda of the MX League It will be more than tight. Players and coaching staff will have limited time to resolve their participation in the best way this semester, since they will have only 121 days of competition before the start of the next World Cup Qatar 2022.

This Friday, Necaxa Y Toluca will be in charge of opening the curtain Opening 2022contest that is contemplated in the calendar ends the Matchday 17 on October 2 with the confrontation between Lion Y Xolos from TijuanaThis is due to the fact that the World Cup tournament begins next Monday, November 21.

Liga MX will be affected by Qatar 2022

In addition, a series of double dates will be included to optimize the days available. The first will be in Matchday 5 which will be played between July 26 and 27; it is followed by Day 9 to be played between August 16 and 17; and finally, in the Matchday 13 games will be held on September 6 and 7.

Once the Regular Phase is over, the start of the ‘Big party‘ has a date for October 8 and 9, where the Repechage. The Quarter finals will start from October 12 to 16, the semifinals from the 19th to the 23rd of that same month and the MX League Grand Final is dated for October 27 with the return for Sunday 30.

In this way, the league will be able to adjust its times to finish the local tournament on time and form so that the national soccer players who are summoned by their respective teams can have the necessary period to concentrate with their representatives, have adequate preparation and pursue World Cup dream.


The MX League trophy

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