how to get 3 new cosmetics for free thanks to PlayStation cups

Whenever I have to tell you something new about Fortnite related with what Epic Games will give away free items my chest swells with joy for a reason: I know how much it hurts to spend those paVos that cost so much to save and not be able to end up using them for some future collaborations they look absolutely amazing.

And, precisely, the information that I bring you here has to do with this; specifically, with a new tournament of Fortnite through which we can get up to 3 new cosmetic items that correspond to various graffiti for the locker. Next, I leave you with a photo of them and, below, how you can get hold of them.

free fortnite cup 2

How to participate and get rewards in PlayStation Cups

  • The PlayStation cups will start from next July 7
  • They will be exclusive for those who play Fortnite on PS4 and PS5
  • It will consist of three qualifying rounds and you will have to get at least 8 points in each one to unlock the three graffiti
  • You will get points for being in the top 15 of each match and for each elimination you make, as stipulated in official tournament rules
  • I remind you that if you have your PlayStation account linked to that of Epic Games, you can unlock these items by playing the cups on PS4 or PS5 and then enjoy them on other platforms other than Sony

What do you think of these gifts? I would have liked those responsible for Fortnite They would have been animated with a completely new skin, but it doesn’t matter a stone… right?

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