Fortnite’s Darth Vader skin has up to 3 easter eggs that have blown my mind

If there’s a main reason I’m worried I’m not playing Season 3 of Fortnite As much as it should, this has to do with the final skin of the current Battle Pass, which corresponds to that of Darth Vader. I’ve said it many times: I’m not particularly a fan of battle royale collaborating with every existing franchise, but from time to time there is one that touches my potato based on good.

And precisely with the Darth Vader skin in Fortnite you have to see the information that I bring you heregiven that, according to the companions of the portal FortniteIntel, the community has recently discovered up to three easter eggs that have completely blown my mind. I leave you with all the details below:

  • Darth Vader’s ship from Fortnite it lands everywhere except the desert. This is a reference to a phrase from Anakin in the movie Attack of the Clones. in which he comments that he hates sand
  • If we go to the game options and mute all the musically licensed emojis, the imperial march that sounds when we look at the character’s skin at the box office will mute to reveal Vader’s typical breathing noise
  • On the other hand, it has been discovered that, at death, Darth Vader does not fall to the ground knocked downinstead he kneels as a reference to what he does in the Battlefront 2 game when he is defeated, as shown T5G in Youtube

What do you think of these references to the final skin of the current Fortnite Pass? I read you in the comments.

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