Elvis unseats Tom Cruise!, is the highest grossing film in the US.

It’s a movie about the king of rock, if you don’t know who he is Elvis Presley, this tape can give you an idea of ​​the golden years of this American star. The film was released with great success in the past Cannes Film Festival and has the endorsement of the Presley family.

The musical biopic (biographical film) Elvis swept the US box office last weekend grossing $31.1 million, ahead of even the movie Top Gun: Maverickwhich pocketed 29.6 million, according to the statistical portal specialized in cinema Box Office Mojo.

At its premiere, the film about ‘The King of Rock’ managed to beat the film starring Tom Cruise, which was about to reach, for the fifth consecutive weekend, remain in first place in ticket sales in theaters in the United States.

Behind was the thriller with hints of terror “The BlackPhone” (Blumhouse, owned by Universal), which recorded $23.3 million in grosses.

This is good news for experts in Hollywood, who have been predicting for weeks a “back to normal” in the turnover volumes of the industry prior to covid-19.

In that line, “Elvis” has already achieved in just one weekend Bring in about a third of what it cost Warner Bros. to produce this film starring Austin Butler, starring Tom Hanks and directing Baz Luhrmann.

A promising launch for a drama that, before its premiere, seemed like a cult film for great fans of the figure of Elvis Presley.

Special mention deserves Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount Pictures) that continues to accumulate records: it reached the figure of 520.8 million at the national box office (USA) and reached the milestone of surpassing one billion worldwide.

This is the second film that achieves it after the pandemic along with the successful Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony), which almost doubles this mark with 1.9 billion dollars raised.

Elvis will premiere in Colombia on July 14.

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