discovered several brothers and sisters of the wrestler

A series of DNA tests revealed that “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson, known to be a great wrestler of the past and the father of The Rock, would have five other children besides the one we all know.

The long profile drawn up by Sport Illustrated describes the five adults and their journey to discover their connection, through various DNA tests, phone calls and even documentaries. All of Rocky Johnson’s children make it clear that they have no hard feelings towards their stepbrother. “Dwayne has nothing to do with the decisions his father made”said Adrian Bowles. “He doesn’t even know who we are.” Another Johnson daughter, Lisa Purvis, said “Dwayne owes us nothing.”

A father not present

In reporting the news Wrestling Inc. says: ‚ÄúDespite this, Rock’s new brothers have said that despite Rocky and Dwayne’s stormy relationship, they are somewhat envious of the support the former has given to the latter.

When The Rock arrived in his hometown of Vancouver to shoot the 2017 film “Skyscraper,” Purvis said he couldn’t escape photos, stories and news about his famous stepbrother. It led to a massive depression for the director, who said she doesn’t see Dwayne Johnson: ‘I just see our dad loved him and not me.’ It was Lisa who arranged the DNA tests to confirm that all five were half siblings.

While Rocky Johnson occasionally contacted his children, it was his brother, Ricky, who did so much more for his nephews, according to what has been reported. Ricky has met most of his brother’s kids through Facebook, and he regularly holds zoom meetings for the family: ‘I keep telling them I love them,’ he told Sports Illustrated. ‘I tell them all the time, to all of them. “

Needless to say, these are things that often happen with this type of person who always leads a life on the road and lets himself go to all the temptations of the case. This was especially common once upon a time. It would still be nice if The Rock decides to meet up with his brothers and sisters.

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