Director of Con Air wants a sequel but in space


By: Samuel Moreno | 01-07-22

Con Air: Risk in the Air” is the well-known action movie starring Nicolas Cage and one of his most remembered. In addition to the aforementioned actor, the cast was made up of great talents such as Steve Buscemi, John Cusack Y John Malkovich.

The history it revolved around a group of prisoners who are transfers to another prison, and during the trip, some criminals will hijack the plane. Cameron Poe (Cage) must stop them since he did get his freedom and hopes to reunite with his daughter.

with Air

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With Air raised 224 million at the box officehaving a budget of 75 million dollars, becoming one of the best valued films of Nicolas Cage.

For years, there has been talk of a potential sequel, though never with a set idea. However, the veteran director simon westwho was in charge of the first film, said in an interview that he had a perfect idea to be able to work on a continuation, as long as a special condition is met.

It would if given a full turn. With Air in space, for example, a studio version where everyone was a robot or the convicts were reanimated as super convicts, or where the good guys were the bad guys and the bad guys were the good guys. Something shocking. If it was smart writing it might work“.

with Air

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The space has always been the stage for many franchises to give the call “shark jump” which is a phrase used for movies or series that were once popular, and they make an attempt to get attention again. We have already seen iconic sagas go into space like “Friday the 13th” or “James Bond”.

Although the idea may sound absurd, we already imagine Nicolas Cage delighted with the idea of ​​being able to go to space to fight other prisoners.

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