Chatón Enríquez bursts the current Tri Sub-20: ‘Glass Children’

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He refers to the evidence and continues to presume to have been part of “the best Mexican generation in history”the one that He did not make a fool of himself like the current U-20 Mexican National Team. very hard words of Chatón Enriquez in social networks against the current Tri players, who lost their ticket to the specialty World Cup in 2023 and the 2024 Olympic Games.

Although his professional career never reached the levels they imagined after being a core part of the Mexican midfield at the London 2012 Games, the Chatón accused the current Tri Sub-20 players of being a “crystal generation” and of not being hungry to transcend, unlike what his generation did a decade ago.

“Today we are more relevant than ever”, wrote the former Chivas player in an image he shared on Twitter. “Many people demean those times, but nobody has surpassed us. Simply the best generation in history, it hurts whoever it hurts,” he added.

Enriquez listed all the achievements that that team led by Luis Fernando Tena obtained between 2011 and 2012, which culminated in the unforgettable Gold at Wembley Stadium, a medal that would be stolen from his home in February 2021.

“Keep thinking that what you are doing is right and keep tucking in the new crystal generations without hunger to transcend”, was the harsh message with which Jorge concluded his publication.

What happened to the Chatón Enríquez?

Jorge Enriquez Garcia He made his professional debut in the Liga MX on February 17, 2010 with Club Deportivo Guadalajara and a couple of years later he was part of the greatest achievement of the Mexican National Team with the London 2012 Gold, but when his career pointed to Europe, he never managed to jump.

At that time it was rumored that the Portuguese Benfica was very close to signing himbut reality says that el Chatón is currently a player without a teamhaving his most recent experience with the Venados de Mérida until the last Clausura 2022 tournament. Currently, Enríquez supports scouting for new talents.

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