Celebrities who faced a fight against cancer and won

The cancerthat degenerative disease in which some cells in the body multiply uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body (as defined by cancer.gov); not necessarily a death sentenceas reported by various campaigns on the subject, in which doctors warn that the early detection can save several lives.

And it is that although it is an expensive disease, whose treatment varies according to the area in which it develops; cancer has now become a disease that, although it generates vulnerability; can be treatable and even curable with due accompaniment healthcare professionals.

An example of this are several famous cancer survivors, who had to face their struggle until today, after years of check-ups, they declared themselves free of the disease.

Adamari Lopez

Adamari López today enjoys life with her daughter. internet photo

The Puerto Rican actress and current television presenter was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, when she was 34 years old. She was married then to the Puerto Rican interpreter Luis Fonsiwhich was inspired by the difficult situation they faced as a couple to compose “Nothing is forever”.

After undergoing a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and reconstruction of her breasts, the actress today celebrates being a survivor who, despite the hard time she experienced before the singer’s separation, apparently due to the same illness; in 2015 she became the mother of a girl whose father is the Spanish dancer Tony Costa.

Sofia Vergara

Although little known, the Colombian actress suffered thyroid cancer at age 28. His thyroid was then removed and he takes medication daily to keep the disease at bay.

Sofía Vergara has been very active in a campaign to raise awareness about the deadly disease.

Angelica Maria

The so-called “girlfriend of Mexico” was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997; after which she began a treatment in which a tumor was removed and her breast was reconstructed.

The Angelica Vale’s mother Today she is a recurring participant in the “Tócate” campaigns to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Daniela Romo

The Mexican actress and singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, when she was 52 years old. She had a tumor removed from her left breast and she underwent chemotherapy.

It was not until her penultimate chemotherapy that the interpreter decided to shave, according to what she told the media, because she had begun to leave hair everywhere. She is also one of the active participants in campaigns on breast cancer, so that more women take preventive measures in their health.

Daniela Romo is a well-known face of the campaigns against breast cancer. Photo via Twitter

Olivia Newton-John

The “Vaseline” star and “Let’s Get Physical” singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, but after treatment, the disease went into remission the following year.

Olivia Newton-John in a reunion with John Travolta. internet photo

He is one of the active faces of prevention campaigns and after a series of fundraisers he founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center (Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre) in Melbourne, Australia.

Fran Drescher

the star of “The babysitter” several misdiagnoses by numerous specialists, for at least two years, before she finally learned in 2000 that she had uterine cancer.

Fran Drescher he underwent surgery and radiation therapy that year and later wrote a book about his experience; “Cancer Schmancer” (Warner Books, 2002).

Robert DeNiro

The veteran actor says that thanks to his annual medical check-ups, an early detection of prostate cancer was achieved in 2003.

After a “routine” surgery, the actor managed to become a cancer survivor, thanks to his early and timely detection.

Joan Manuel Serrat

The artist born in Barcelona She is not only a cancer survivor, but also a heart attack survivor. On the first, she was diagnosed in the lungs and bladder.

Because of the tumors they had to remove a lung and after receiving chemotherapy he has managed to overcome the cancer, which apparently came to him due to smoking.

michael douglas

michael douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer until it was stage four. Luckily, it had not spread to other parts of the body, so after numerous chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions that made him lose 20 kg, the actor overcame the disease.

His statements about how he could have contracted the disease, as he said then through “oral sex”, was a wide topic of debate when he put his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones as alleged “responsible”, or could it be that the actor “slipped” on an affair? It was a question that haunted several articles on the subject.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas preferred to silence his illness in the face of the suffering of his then-wife Melanie Griffith

The Spanish actor confessed that he suffered from a tumor on his back that was operated on just two days after it was detected.

His illness coincided with the cancer of his ex-wife, Melanie Griffith, so he decided to keep it a secret until years later.

Mauricio Martinez

It was in 2019 the actor Mauricio Martínez announced that he beat cancer after nine years and reoffending three times. And it is that the actor worked in Los Angeles when he found out about bladder cancer.

The detection of cancer was timely, so with surgery and extensive treatment with health specialists, the Broadway actor has managed to keep the disease out and celebrate life.

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