Cazzu dedicates a loving message to Nodal; the couple enjoy their romance

MEXICO CITY.- Christian Nodal continues to fill the squares, the stadiums and any stage in which he appears, the exponent of the Mexican regional continues to tour outside of Mexico, and he does not do it alone, the 23-year-old interpreter is accompanied by his girlfriend, the Argentine rapper Cazzu.

Although the last few months have been difficult for Christianlittle by little things have settled down for him, because after his thunder with Belindato whom he had already given an engagement ring, and his change of label in the midst of controversy, the success and accompaniment of his fans remains intact.

A few days ago, the singer opened up to the public of Colombiathere he was sincere and with tears he regretted that many media only speak negative things about him, he recognized that “he is not a good example of a human being” and considered that what is needed in the world is empathy.

Although some people pressured him to “better sing,” several applauded his words, just as he did Cazzu in social networkswhere with a brief message he showed empathy and love to the singer.

Nodal was presented in the United States, and as has happened lately, Cazzu has accompanied him in his shows, this time was no exception, so from behind the scenes, the 28-year-old rapper contemplated her lover and then uploaded a story to Instagram.

With a video in which Christian is seen from behind singing in front of the public, Cazzu wrote: “while they bark, you shine Nodal«, accompanied by a red heart.

This state was shared by Christianwho publicly has been loving with the singer, kisses, hugs and holding hands have been captured by fans and the press who follow the young artist’s walk.

Although the couple has not posted photos of the two of them together, they have shared messages on Instagram in which they have shown that the romance is going from strength to strength.

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