Billie Eilish is exposed for criticizing Johnny Depp’s victory in trial against Amber Heard

american singer billie eilish has been exposed for criticizing the legal trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The artist doesn’t seem to mind falling out with Johnny’s loyal fans on social media. But that is precisely the mistake that Eilish has made.

He publicly commented that he does not care about Depp’s victory against Amber, this of course greatly upset Internet users, who turned against the artist calling her a hypocrite. But how did both parties get to this point? It all started when Billie premiered a song called TV at her concert in Manchester, UK and includes the following letters:

The internet has gone wild watching movie stars on trial / while turning Roe v. wow“It is not a secret that the GRAMMY winner made reference to the HEARD-DEPP trial, this is still a media sensation, so much so that people seem to care more about this than what is happening in the USA with the abortion law or At least that’s how Billie sees it.

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I was in depression, losing the rights of my own body, and when I went to see the Internet, there were only people giving their opinion about this trial (…) women are losing their rights, so why are we talking about celebrities, Divorce trials? Who cares (…) Internet bothers me sometimes“.

Of course Depp fans got angry and took to social media to expose the hypocrisy of the singeras Johnny’s trial is a symbolic thing for many people who suffer from false smears and damage to their reputations, so if Billie is angry about the law on women’s rights, she should protest against politicians, not against Johnny Depp.

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