be as strong as Mark Wahlberg

It is likely that Uncharted be the most anticipated adaptation of a video game (with permission of thelastofus, in agreement). It is not for less, because having Tom Holland as the protagonist and with Mark Wahlberg as his adventure partner It’s very good news, and although we loved the trailer (at least, I’m talking about myself), we can’t help but have certain doubts about how this film produced by sony pictures Y naughty dog...

Leaving these fears behind, today I am going to talk to you about what was the biggest challenge of Tom Holland on the set of Unchartedbecause it was not exactly an easy one: imagine that you arrive at your work and see enter Mark Wahlberg, which will be your companion for the next few months and is stronger than vinegar. That’s what happened to the young performer.

Tom Holland’s reaction to seeing Mark Wahlberg in person

In an interview that Tom Holland has granted to GQand in which he has talked about topics as diverse as when will he retire from spider-man or of his relationship with Zendayahas referred to this challenge he had in Uncharted like this:

  • I saw enter Mark Wahlberg on set in his costume and I thought: ‘fuck it’s twice me“. ❤️
  • After the lockdownin which we were unemployed for 5 months and all I did was eat and trainWhen I returned to the shoot, the first thing he said to me was: ‘come on, someone has been training“. ✅

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