Barcelona or Miami? Shakira and Piqué discuss child custody

MADRID.- After 12 years of romantic relationship and 2 children in common -Milan (9) and Sasha (7)-, Shakira and Gerard Piqué have hired their lawyers to negotiate the custody of the children, who currently reside in Barcelona (Spain).

Sources assured The vanguard that the ex-partner is already working on the legal matter.

“As far as you know The vanguard According to sources close to the couple themselves, two reputable law firms are in charge of reaching a peace agreement: Shakira has placed her interests in the hands of Pilar Mañé’s law firm, while Gerard Piqué has trusted Tamborero Abogados, who successfully processed the resource of Arantxa Sánchez Vicario on her divorce in Spain”, published the Spanish newspaper.

“Both teams are the first swords in their area of ​​​​work and their reputation has led them to face each other not infrequently in the courts of Barcelona representing well-known clients. This time it is an epic duel,” added the media.

According to the local press, Shakira plans to travel to Miami to establish her residence in the city soon and from there to attend to her musical career and the motherhood of her children, Milan and Sasha.

“Shakira has proposed taking the children to Miami with her and settling there in order to revitalize a recording career conditioned for almost 12 years to live in Spain linked to a sentimental relationship that now no longer exists. In exchange, she would offer Piqué a regime of very wide visits”, detailed The vanguard.

If justice rules in favor of Shakira, the little ones could live in the mansion that the Colombian has in Miami Beach.

The property is located on North Bay Road Drive, where the family would have Jennifer López, Ricky Martin or Matt Damon as neighbors. The house is located just minutes from the famous Venetian Islands and Indian Creek, where Julio Iglesias has properties.


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