‘Avatar: Sense of Water’ Shows Kate Winslet’s Character and It’s Great

Avatar: The Water Sensethe long-awaited sequel to Avatar that will arrive in theaters around the world in December destined to be a success of ticket office unprecedented, continues to show us new details of its history and its protagonists. Now it’s the turn of Kate Winsletwhich is put back under the orders of james cameron more than two decades after titanica. We had already seen the interpreter in the underwater shoot and now we have his final appearance in the film as a na’vi thanks to an exclusive Empire.

Kate Winslet returns to collaborate with James Cameron in Avatar: The Water Sense

Avatar: The Water Sense, who broke records on YouTube with his trailer, has been revealing new details about his plot, his plots or his great protagonists. Winslet embody a na’vi called Ronal, belonging to the Metkayina tribe, and with the exclusive of the North American magazine we already have his official profile and a look at his appearance. Ronal, which is pronounced ‘rum-nail’ In the original language, it is matriarch who leads the Metkayina, the Na’vi residents in a shallow water area near the vast oceans of Pandora.

Avatar Kate Winslet

The leader of this new subculture is in charge of directing his own with the help of Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) and it has a great weight in the plot of the film. “She it is very strong. She is a warrior. Even when facing grave danger, and being pregnant, she joins her family to fight for what she loves most. His family and his home”, says Winslet in the report of the aforementioned magazine. She also confirms that the adventure, as we mentioned in our special, takes place ten years after the events of the first filmwith Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaa), now with their children, being forced to leave their territory to take refuge in other areas of Pandora before the advance of the RDA. The clan led by the actress The readerdo not welcome them.

Even when facing grave danger, Ronal stands up to his enemies.

Avatar Kate Winslet

Avatar: The Water Sense is the first sequel in a set of four additional stories in cinematographic format that James Cameron is preparing and that will hit theaters every two years. With the promise of technically revolutionizing the film industry with a new 3D, 4K and HDR, Avatar can make history again.

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