Avatar 2, the first photos of Kate Winslet as the warrior Na’vi Ronal

On December 14, 2022 in Italy the sequel to Avatar, that is Avatar – The way of water, with James Cameron who returns to direct Kate Winslet. The actress will play the warrior Na’vi Ronal

After the extraordinary success of 2009, which led to the winning of three Oscars for Best Photography, Best Set Design and Best Special Effects, Avatar is preparing to return to the big screen with a sequel. The date to be circled in red is December 14, when the second chapter of the film directed once again by will be released in Italy James Cameron.

The role of Kate Winslet and the first official photo


Kate Winslet will be in the third season of the anthological series “I Am …”

After 25 years from Titanic, James Cameron back to work with Kate Winsletin a completely different film compared to the blockbuster of 1997. Through a post published on its social channels, the magazine Empire Magazine released the first official photo of Kate Winslet as the warrior Na’vi Ronal, characterized as those of his race with blue skin and a sort of unicorn above his head. Ronal will have a very important role in the film, since he lives in the shallows of the oceans of Pandora, the planet where the film is set, and leads the tribe of Metkayina. Kate Winslet is not the only new entry in the film, which will also see other famous faces such as Michelle Yeoh, Vin Diesel, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco and Jemaine Clement, whose roles, however, have not yet been disclosed. Also present some protagonists already seen in 2009 as Zoe Saldanain the role of Neytiri, Sam Worthington And Sigourney Weaver. Avatar – The way of water (or Avatar 2) is set more than a decade after the events of the first film. At the center of the plot is the story of the Sully family, who must struggle with everything that life puts in front of them, between battles and tragedies.

Kate Winslet’s comment


Emmy 2021, Kate Winslet: “An award for all women, proud of you”

To the microphones of Empirethe magazine that published the first photos of Kate Winslet as the warrior Na’vi Ronal, Kate Winslet spoke of his character, defining him “Loyal and fearless leader, a warrior who joins his people to fight what matters most to them”. As regards, however, the return to work with James Cameron, the actress admitted that it was something of significance, but profoundly different from 1997 because “Now Jim and I are two totally different people: he’s calmer, I’m definitely hyperactive”. Finally, Kate Winslet talked about how this role pushed her to overcome her physical limits. So many scenes were shot in the water and Kate Winslet said she was successful “To stay in apnea for seven minutes and 14 seconds, something unthinkable for someone my age”.

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