Are you a BBVA user? Beware of new malware!

malware is a general term used to refer to any type of malicious software designed to infiltrate a device without the user’s knowledge. On this occasion, a malware specifically to attack users of the BBVA application.

To infiltrate the user’s cell phone, a text message is sent inviting them to download an authenticator application to verify the user’s identity. It’s an SMS phishing since it pretends to be BBVA. The procedure is so well done and in a realistic way that it has been difficult for people to detect that it is fake, they even include a tutorial on how to install the application.

The goal of this malware called “Revive” is to collect personal data of the user from his bank account and access his SMS to carry out banking operations with them without the person noticing.

It was called “Revive” because it restarts the malware in case it stops working. Although it is currently only for the bank BBVA, it could be that in the future it will be transformed to attack other users. That is why we must try to be alert for this type of malware, especially if it asks you to access a link or download an app.

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