AnimeClick on Twitch: Schedule from June 27 to July 3, 2022

Here is the program of our week on Twitchtake a good look at the calendar immediately: you will always find the article on the right side for the whole week.

Calendar AC 27_3__7_22.jpg

Monday 21.00

MangaNight: 4 Chat with Tsundoku, Otaku Inside and Giap Cult

The most popular Monday date, fill them with questions

Tuesday 20.30

LO ::::::::::::::::: VENT


After last week’s test, this column now starts on a permanent basis, weekly, to talk only about souls and always about souls, obviously putting your opinions and comments at the center

Thursday 21.00

ArcadeClick: Just Anime-themed Chatting on Fall Guys

ArcadeClick returns but strengthened with the GamerClick guys! This is the turn of a very chill evening talking about anime, video games and Fall Guys!

Friday 21.00


Let’s talk about summer souls and we all decide which souls are worth seeing or not!

Sunday 17.00

Recap of the Week!

The live with the most comments in history, based literally on nothing, will not be missing even this week, which then we still have to talk about vegetables but I was waiting for Ellie sincerely, the great success of cold cuts cannot remain an isolated case.

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