Zendaya after pregnancy rumors: “I have to protect my privacy, fans have understood that”

During a very recent interview with Vogue Italia, Zendaya did not speak directly about the rumors of her alleged pregnancy, but thanked the fans who respect her privacy.

Zendayaafter a series of rumors relating to its alleged pregnancy they started circulating on social media, he said he loved fans who respect his “boundaries” and his privacy: the Euphoria star spoke to Vogue Italia on June 28, 2022 about her relationship with her supporters and what it was like to grow up in the spotlight.

Zendaya explained to the magazine that she has always had a healthy relationship with her fans: “Many of them have grown up with me and have seen me evolve in my life and career and, with that, very often we are also the same age and see life in a very similar way.. ”

The Spider-Man actress went on to say: “With many of them I even share my thoughts, hopes and wishes for the future, both for my career and for the world. These fans are realizing that I am a human being and they want me to be happy and I feel that. They are truly respectful of my boundaries, my privacy, which I must protect, and the things I choose to keep private“.

So many people shared their experiences with me after I did Euphoria, they talked to me about loss, addiction, pain or mental illness and struggles with their demons.“explained Zendaya Coleman.”People find their connection points with these characters that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to embody, and they feel very connected to me. This gives me purpose. “

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