Zara has the fabulous Julia Roberts dress in ‘Pretty Woman’

A movie dress; this is what’s new Zara. And we have to confess that she has fallen in love with us. Inspired by the legendary movie ‘Pretty Woman‘, a classic that we always leave on TV no matter how much we know it, the fashion multinational has recreated the fabulous dress by Julia Roberts, just the one that the beautiful actress wears when she visits the racecourse. Exactly, the brown with white polka dots.

Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'

A timeless classic reinvented by Inditex that you will never regret having in your wardrobe. And less on these dates, perfect for walking on the wonderful spring afternoons or to wear in the quintessential event of the coming days: the communions. Elegant and comfortable, we can’t think of a better option to crown you as the perfect guest. And more at an incredible price of €29.95.

It also looks great, thanks to its adjustable thin straps and its flattering V-neckline. Not to mention its small front slit, something that we love and that gives it a sensual touch without being flashy or losing elegance. More considering its finish, with panels reminiscent of flamenco fashion. Did someone say April fair? It works for you too!

Zara dress

As for its preparation, it is made with linen blend, the coolest summer material. Although, if you live in an area where it’s still cool, it looks great with a cardigan or even a shawl, in case you want to go more dressed up. And now, if you dare, you can finish paying homage to Vivian Ward, the role of Julia Roberts, with the spectacular hat that she wears in the film. She is ideal with the buttoned front of her dress. But, if you do not see yourself with this accessory, then we will reveal other ways to combine it.

How to combine the Zara dress

You will have no problem combining this dress Zara, but if you are short of ideas, Inditex’s own proposal seems totally correct. And not only because we like them as such, but because they are accessories that never go out of style and that you can wear every summer without exception. Positions to invest in garments, better if we can get the most out of it.

If we start with the shoes, we find these heeled sandals made of leather. Although they are a basic that we should all have, they follow the trend of the ‘kitten’ style heel, more checkered, with crossed straps that are tied to the ankle. This way you will have your foot secured to walk with total confidence.

Zara Sandals

And this point is important, because if we talk about shoes they always have to be comfortable, regardless of whether they are heels or sneakers. Here the multinational Amancio Ortega scores a point, because these sandals have a flexible technical template made of latex foam, specifically designed to offer the greatest comfort. They are for sale by €59.95although we have to issue a warning: they are practically sold out.

In case your size is one of those that have flown, something that does not surprise us, you can always get rid of the thorn with some cheap accessory that lifts your spirits. East ring Made of wood, it combines perfectly with the brown color of the dress, but with that chic touch that we all need. Metallic application, makes the look in any style.

zara ring

it costs only €9.95 and it can be obtained in two tones: dark wood or in light tones. It’s also designed for different sizes, available in both size S and M. Now, with the outfit assembled, all you have to do is go to your nearest Zara store to feel as beautiful as Julia Roberts in the movie. Success is guaranteed!

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