WWE considers an NXT star to be ‘the complete pack’

In the last year, WWE has made big changes in NXT with the purpose of creating new big stars of their own that do not come from independent wrestling. For that reason, NXT mutated to NXT 2.0 and returned to its roots as a development territory before they ascend to the main roster. Within this cast of NXT, some media report that WWE would be very excited about Sanga and Xyon Quinnand they would see the latter as the “complete package” of what they look for in a fighter.

Both Sanga and Xyon debuted in NXT when Triple H was still the product leader, however, with time and the evolution of the brand, both have established themselves as an important part of version 2.0. According to Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, within the company they see great potential in them, and they would be thinking of promoting them to the main roster.

“These two guys are being considered for the main roster right now. They they think Xyon Quinn has it all“.

At the moment, there has been no official announcement from WWE, but Sanga has participated in several non-televised matches on SmackDown this June and is on a good winning streak in NXT.

Xyon Quinn, meanwhile, has lost his last five fights. Just this week, Quinn and Sanga faced off on the weekly show, and Sanga took the win in about five minutes. Despite this, Quinn maintains a positive win record since the brand’s reboot.

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