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“I am the best at what I do. It’s just that what I do is not very nice.” That quote came to sign up Wolverine, perhaps the best-known member of the X-Men, in the imagination of the fans because it perfectly portrayed the resigned and unapologetic nature of the character. The most charismatic of the X-Men finds himself embroiled in a quest to avenge a spiraling betrayal in his first appearance.

This moody and violent Canadian mutant enjoys a popularity today that seemed unlikely when he first appeared. in the pages of Hulk #180 as an adversary of the confused green giant.

The seeds of the mutant’s sullen, unpredictable character were already there, though it would take years for him to put his claws to work for the X-Men.

Back to the line, Wolverine knows that he is a ruthless killer and that killing is what he does best. But at the same time he recognizes that his abilities have a purpose, and that although detestable and loathsome, good can sometimes come from his actions.

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That tortured nature, that mystery about his past and that terrible personal cost that implies suffering each wound just to get up again and have to continue fighting is what marks Wolverine’s reason for being and is what explains why he is the one chosen for him. third volume, the second dedicated to a solo hero, from the collection The most powerful heroes of Marvel, which is distributed in Colombia under the Marvel RED label.

Marvel Collection TIME

Wolverine in the Marvel RED collection.

The book presents, as expected, that first appearance of the characterin the story of The Incredible Hulk, in which both fight the fearsome Wendigo. This is a classic issue, written by Len Wein and drawn by Herb Trimpe, originally printed in November 1974.

Here it is necessary to make a clarification and that is that, although strictly speaking the first appearance of Wolverine is in number 180, this is limited to the last page, so the publisher used number 181 for its official presentation. That is the number that collects the RED collection.

Added to this is the saga The Hunt for Mystique, by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, decidedly less significant in the character’s history and, however, interesting for the Canadian fan because it puts him to alternate with a villain, also a mutant, with a past as dark as his.

Issues 62 to 65 of volume 3 were originally published in late 2008 and they present a typical revenge story in which the authors deftly weaved together a character study and a series of twists that not only make this an entertaining read, but help build both personalities.

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Although prone to cliches, the story offers an interesting glimpse into a relationship that began decades ago and is doomed, like the spiral of betrayal that it is, to end in violence. The end, yes, is decidedly anticlimactic and the publisher would take a year to round it off, in Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3.

In short, it is a good opportunity to better understand Wolverine and reconstruct his story, away from the colossal film presence of Hugh Jackman and anchored, as its creators wanted, more than in his strengths, in his many flaws. Few Marvel characters are as Marvel as this one.

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