Will Smith says goodbye to the Porsche that made him famous

Will Smith began to be taken into account by the great film industry after his scene aboard a Turbo Type 964 model of the German manufacturer. Find out how the actor said goodbye!

Several months have passed since Will Smith was in the eye of the hurricane after his impasse with Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards gala. With a spiritual retreat in between, the actor born in Philadelphia tries to resume his acting life with several projects in the queue; However, he had to say goodbye to one of the protagonists who led him to success in his early days in front of the cameras.

Its about Porsche Turbo Type 964 that you used in the first installment of bad boys, the saga of action films directed by Michael Bay and in which he shared the leading role with Martin Lawrence. This model from the German manufacturer plays a leading role throughout the film and also stars in one of the most insane chase scenes in the film.

Despite Will Smith he put the ‘scream in the sky’ when he found out, the truth is that the producer of the film auctioned this Porsche due to the great reception he had in the world of classic collectors. One of the most famous auction houses in the city of Los Angeles was the scene where a lucky -and millionaire- collector paid a whopping $1.4 million for this Porsche.

Although it seems an exorbitant price for a car of this type, in reality it is not: This Porsche is classed among the most important classics of the German brand. In addition, this machine has a 3.6-liter boxer engine with air cooling, something that led it to develop about 250 horsepower.

Will Smith’s Porsche

Will Smith and Michael Bay were two of those who most opposed this auction because of the sentimental value that this Porsche inspired in them. In the actor’s case, It was the first car he drove in front of the cameras and the one that helped catapult him as an action performer capable of performing the most risky scenes.

+ Here the complete scene

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