Where to see ‘The Green Mile’ tonight, the classic that united Stephen King with Tom Hanks

If it weren’t for television, some classics in the history of cinema would still be hidden from many people. There are specialized movie channels that are dedicated to showing great movies and for many people it is the only way they have to discover them.

For this type of person there is the Paramount channel, which broadcasts this Thursday night at 10:25 p.m. The green Mile (1999) A mythical film starring Tom Hanks and with the performance, more than relevant, of Michael Clarke Duncan. A fantastic drama, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.


‘The Green Mile’ has become a movie classic.

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waiting for the death penalty

The film tells a difficult story set in the harsh 30s, in the midst of the Depression, in the southern United States. Paul Edgecomb is a prison guard in charge of the so-called green mile, a corridor that separates the cells of inmates sentenced to the electric chair. Awaiting his execution is John Coffey, a gigantic African-American man accused of brutally murdering two nine-year-old sisters. Behind a naive personality, Coffey hides a prodigious supernatural gift. As the story unfolds, Paul Edgecomb learns that miracles happen…even in the most unlikely places.

Over time The green Mile It has become a widely used film to teach children and adolescents some important issues, since it invites them to reflect on the rights of prisoners and what it means to sentence them to death. The story connects with the concept of evil and its origin, leading some teachers to even use it as a reference to talk about God and miracles.


The actor was not as something as he seemed.

Third parties

According to one of the making-off of the film Stephen King was so delighted with the final result that he ventured to say that it has been the best film adaptation of one of his works. Something that is not easy, since there are 71 adaptations of his books and the so-called master of the horror genre is not usually happy with the adaptations that are made of his works.

A movie full of details

Like any literary work of Stephen King worth its salt, the story is loaded with symbolism and details. One of the most striking is the relationship that one of the prisoners has with a mouse, which is fundamental to the plot. A relationship for which up to 15 different mice were used, all of them being trained with a different trick or movement. Still, the actors had to film many scenes looking at a laser pointer moving across the floor.

The whole plot takes place inside a prison

The whole plot takes place inside a prison

Third parties

If Tom Hanks had never made ‘Forrest Gump,’ he wouldn’t have made this movie either.

Tom Hanks was one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood at the time. He had won his second Oscar for Forrest Gump, and projects rained down on him. The actor had agreed with the director of The green Mile that he was going to star in one of his films, but was forced to postpone the project to play Forrest. Of course, not before making a deal with the director and committing to playing Paul Edgecomb years later.

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