Where to see ‘Focus’ tonight, the film that first united Will Smith and Margot Robbie

Of all the options on streaming platforms and traditional TV networks, sometimes it’s hard to decide between watching an action movie or a light romantic comedy. You never know exactly what each one wants to see and less if the film is to be seen by more than one person. That’s why, focus is the ideal film for lovers of good action and robbery movies and those passionate about romantic comedies.

Focus, the film that Antena 3 broadcasts tonight at 22:45, mixes two different films in equal parts. On the one hand, it’s a film about hustlers, swindlers, and swindlers, along the lines of The Sting, Ocean’s Eleven, House of Games Y shadow. And on the other hand, it’s a romantic comedy between two people who are very attracted to each other, but who can’t start a love relationship because they don’t trust each other.

'Focus' starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith

A film between action and romantic comedy

Third parties

It is a film that has gone a bit unnoticed, but in terms of technique, the firm is very well done and it is one of those feature films that deserve more than one viewing. In addition, it has polished photography, impressive locations, perfect costumes and an exquisite montage.


Impossible love between scammers

It all begins when Nicky (Will Smith), an accomplished master con artist, begins an affair with Jess (Margot Robbie), a novice at the trade. As she teaches him the tricks of the trade, she wants to get too close with Nicky, and he suddenly breaks up. Three years later, the woman who had lit a flame in him, turned into a fatal woman, reappears in Buenos Aires in a racing circuit where there are very high stakes, but she will try to ruin Nicky’s plans and take advantage of his scammer side.

Also, apart from Will Smith and Margot Robbie, the film has the participation of Rodrigo Santoro, Stephanie Honore, BD Wong, Adrian Martinez, Robert Taylor, Kate Adair, Joe Chrest, Dominic Fumusa, Nina Leon, Candice Michele Barley, Griff Furst , Brennan Brown, Juan Minujín, among others.

'Focus' starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith

Margot Robbie landed the role after Kristen Stewart dropped out

Third parties


A lot of chemistry between its protagonists from the beginning

Margot Robbie got the call to audition for the film while vacationing on an island in Croatia. Even so, as soon as she found out she took a catamaran to the main island, then a bus to the airport and after waiting six hours at the airport she took a flight to France and from there a flight to New York. Margo Robbie was on time for the test, however, Will Smith was late when she only had to go from Queens, New York. When the actor arrived late, he explained that he “came from Queens”, and Robbie replied “Yes? Well, I come from an island in Croatia and I arrived on time”. Margot Robbie thinks that answer got her the part.

Lots of cast changes

It was originally planned to star Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, but both left the project. After Ryan Gosling left, the role was offered to Brad Pitt, but he turned it down, and Ben Affleck was called.

Both Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart took on the lead roles. But, Affleck dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, and then Will Smith signed on for the project, at which point Stewart dropped out and Margot Robbie took over the lead role. Of course, Michelle Williams, Jessica Biel, Rose Byrne and Olivia Munn were also considered to replace Kristen Stewart, before the role went to Margot Robbie.

'Focus' starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith

‘Focus’ starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith

Third parties

Thus, focus it became the first of two films starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The second is suicide squad (2016).

Buenos Aires was recreated in Louisiana

The race circuit scenes in this film did not take place in Buenos Aires, as the plot indicates. The racetrack sequences were actually filmed at NOLA Motorsports Park, an auto racing facility located just outside of New Orleans in Avondale, Louisiana. It can be said that it is not a Formula 1 track, since neither the stands nor the pit area are up to F1 standards. And the race cars used were provided by IndyCar racing teams like Andretti Autosport and Rahal Letterman Lannigan Racing. These are the same cars and teams that race in the Indianapolis 500.

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