What is the scene of Elvis that never happened in the life of the singer

Elvisthe musical biopic about the King of Rock directed by Baz Luhrmann features Tom Hanks in the role of Tom Parker, the artist’s manager also known as the Colonel. A key figure in Presley’s career but also very controversial as he helped the singer build his successful career, but also had a dark side that negatively influenced many aspects of the star. And the film that will hit Argentine theaters on July 14 has a scene that did not happen in the singer’s real life and could be the subject of debate.

Spoiler alert in the next article.

After several years of concerts in Las Vegas, when the turning point in the relationship between Elvis and his manager occurs, heThe movie shows thatafter learning that the Colonel is keeping him there to pay his gambling debts to the Hotel and is deliberately holding back his international tour, Elvis flies into a rage and, during a performance, announces on stage that Parker is fired. That’s when the manager strikes back and gives the Presley family an itemized bill for their services over the years that they simply can’t pay. This is how Parker continues to keep the goose that lays the golden eggs in his possession.

But according to Alanna Nash, the journalist and author of Parker’s biography (The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley) that scene was one of the great “licenses” that the film took. In reality, while Parker did bill the Presley family for all his work that they couldn’t repay when he was fired, Elvis didn’t fire him from the stage.

In an interview given to Varietythe writer did acknowledge that the singer and director had a backstage incident in Las Vegas in 1974 in which they both talked about ending their relationship, but always in private. “Elvis in no way would have been so rude as to have fired Colonel from the stage”pointed out the writer who also highlighted that another of the great inaccuracies of the film has to do with the censorship that Elvis suffered in his first years of career for his controversial and sensual movements on stage.

In this sense, Alanna Nash categorically denied that the Colonel tried to get the artist to soften his image and stop acting so provocatively. And it was his unique style that had made him a money machine. “Parker loved that Elvis was like a male stripper… just like the daring ladies of carnivals. That sold tickets!”, the author alleged.

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