What are the best romantic comedies of Julia Roberts

Guadalajara Jalisco.- after 20 years Julia Roberts returns to romantic comedies, with ‘Ticket to Paradise’, and what better way to do it than with his former co-star friend, George Clooney.

In ‘Ticket to Paradise’, Julia Roberts and George Clooney play a divorced couple who put aside their differences to prevent their teenage daughter from marrying a stranger she just met on a trip to Bali. During her plan they rethink if getting divorced was a good idea.

As this film opens in October, I We remember the best romantic comedies of the actress.

5.- Eat, pray, love

Everything Liz Gilbert has ever wanted in her life, she has, but one day realizes that he is not happy so he embarks on a journey of self-discovery through Italy, India and Indonesia, where he finds love.

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4.- Runaway bride

Maggie has a habit of running away when she is about to reach the altar, she did it on several occasions. Ike Graham (Richard Gere) writes an opinion column about this, which costs him her job, so he decides to visit Maggie in a desperate attempt to win her job back.

Between Maggie and Ike a love is born despite the warning that the bride may plant her lover.

3.- My best friend’s wedding

A young Julia Roberts playing Julianne, she realizes that she is in love with her best friend just three days after the young man’s weddingso he will do everything possible so that the love of his life does not get married.

Recording of Ticket to Paradise / Universal Pictures

2.-A place called Notting Hill

In a series of misunderstandings, movie star Anna Scott and book seller William Thacker they get involved in a romance that takes place in the London city of Notting Hillthis romance that will make you smile co-stars Hugh Grant.

1.- Pretty Woman

The iconic 1990 moviewhere Julia Roberts plays Vivian, a sex worker who meets Edward (Richard Gere) and he asks her to join him at social events for a week, the couple will have to overcome the prejudices of society.

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