“We started talking about medicinal plants,” Martha Higareda commented on the day she met Will Smith

Though Martha Higareda is a well-known actress in the world of Latin entertainmentthe Mexican She has been aiming to be more internationally recognized for some time, which is why she is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. and working on American productions.

This decision It has made it easier for him to live with different famous people residing in Hollywood, as he recounted in the podcast “La cotorrisa” about his meeting with Will Smith: “Not long ago, a little bit before the pandemic, I went to a friend’s house and it arrived.”

“We started talking about medicinal plants, he talked about his point of view and what he had experienced […] I remember he was there saying ‘I’m with the prince of rap’ and I said ‘Can I sing you the song in Spanish?’ He was bursting with laughter.” Higareda added about this experience that he described as “crazy”.

For the actress, everything Smith said at the time “was impressive to me. I’d ask him, ‘Will, what happens in life when you already have everything you have? You’re an actor, you’re a producer, you have an amazing family. Whats Next?'”.

Smith told him that “Life is a video game: first they teach you how to kick and punch, advance in the video game. Then they tell you ‘What do you want to achieve with this?’ and you want to pass level 1. At the end of the day, we are here to serve, with your talent, with what you do, with laughter, but always to help others”.

Although she was not the focus of the conversation, Martha Higareda took advantage of the moment to speak on Will Smith’s controversy at the Oscars: “He had been bullied a lot because of all the things that had happened with Jada and suddenly there he exploded, the zen was gone.”

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