Voice recognition, a solution increasingly demanded by pathologists

We spoke with Dr. Alicia Córdoba, head of the Pathological Anatomy Service at the University Hospital of Navarra, about systems such as INVOX Medical, a solution adapted to the terminology and workflow of pathologists that makes their daily work easier.

There is no doubt that voice recognition is a solution that is increasingly in demand among doctors. In fact, for more than a decade, tools such as INVOX Medical have been key to many radiology services. In addition, aware of the advantages it provides on a day-to-day basis, in recent years other management units such as Pathological Anatomy, such as the one directed by Dr. Córdoba, have also incorporated this efficient solution.

“INVOX Medical is being a very useful tool for several reasons. It allows us to issue diagnoses more quickly, because now we dictate directly on our LIS and we ourselves see the report, correct it and send it. In this way we are much more owners of the management of our cases, since in the same LIS (Gespath) we have marked what we have pending, what we lack…”, comments the Doctor. In addition, by having its own technical vocabulary by pathology areas, “we repeat acronyms and words, which allows us to make fewer and fewer mistakes,” she adds.

“Now we dictate directly on our LIS, which can allow us to reduce the issuance of reports by almost one day”, Dr. Alicia Córdoba, head of the Pathological Anatomy Service at the University Hospital of Navarra

A reliable system adapted to your medical terminology

In fact, reliability in the dictation of scientific language has been a priority for this tool. “It’s amazing how reliable it is at dictating scientific language. In addition, as we have a microphone, we have our hands free, while you look at the microscope you are dictating what you are seeing. Even as we have quite a few templates, we are using them for descriptions and also for diagnostics. We name the template, we press the button and we don’t have to dictate anything else”, underlines Dr. Córdoba.

Due to this strong commitment, INVOX Medical technology has become the first voice recognition system that incorporates its own Anatomical Pathology dictionary. The fact that it includes the terms and expressions most used by physicians in this area, “allows fewer errors to be made, and therefore fewer corrections”, resulting in a success rate close to 100%.

A more efficient future

Greater ease, immediacy, reliability and significant time savings are the keys that will lead INVOX Medical to become an increasingly essential tool in those hospitals that want to improve their workflow and patient care, thanks to the advantages of this voice recognition system. In fact, Hospitals such as Gregorio Marañón, 12 de Octubre or the Barcelona Clinic are implementing INVOX Medical in more and more specialtiesbecause they are seeing that this type of software represents a significant improvement at the level of workflows.

In the Department directed by Dr. Córdoba, they have been using this system since 2018. They started using it by a small group of doctors but, after some training and after checking the operation and benefits of voice recognition, INVOX Medical is already being used by all of the service’s clinical staff. “And it is that, over time, more and more people have internalized this tool as an agile and very practical solution for your daily work.

For all these reasons, Dr. Córdoba is very positive in relation to an increasing implementation of this type of tool in the future. “If the progression of these systems is what has been seen in recent years, this type of software is clearly going to be imposed on practically all services. It really allows us to be more efficient. whatever simplify tasks, is the way to go. It is to stop typing, to dictate and INVOX Medical automatically transcribes it on a screen. It’s incredible.”, concludes Dr. Córdoba.

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