Tom Hanks chooses the three favorite movies of his filmography

Lovers of the seventh art have surely seen a few movies of Tom Hanks and they could make a list of their favorite productions. Recently, the actor was a guest on the podcast The Bill Simmons and, precisely, he had the difficult task of choosing the three favorite films of his filmography. However, his choice came with a prior clarification: the named films would not be the best as a final product but those in which Hanks spent the best time filming (via NME).

One of the films selected by the native of Concord (California) was A League Of Their Own (in Spanish known as A very special team), a 1992 film directed by Penny Marshall in which Hanks plays the sarcastic coach of a women’s baseball team. Regarding this choice, the actor revealed that he was able to practice this sport all summer while filming.

The second film that managed to integrate the list was CloudAtlasa 2012 feature film directed by the Wachowski sisters. About this production, Hanks said: “It was the first time I filmed extensively in Germany and I was surrounded by history.” Furthermore, he added: “We were part of this great, massive set of fantastic people who were just trying to do the best job […] making it was something magical“.

Finally, Hanks’ last choice was Castaway (2000), film directed by Robert Zemeckis in which the actor plays Chuck Noland, a FedEx corporate executive stranded on a desert island for four years after a plane crash. About the experience of filming this film, he stated: “We were in the middle of the ocean trying to shoot shots. We were in Fiji and my whole family was with me. They were adventures every day.”

Precisely, and about Castawaya few days ago we reported that Wilson, the ball that accompanied Hanks in the movie, was auctioned for a surprising figure: 230,000 euros (nearly $265,000). The sale was carried out through the Prop Store on Tuesday, November 9, and exceeded all expectations, as the object was expected to reach a value close to 60,000 euros.

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