Tom Cruise should do all these sequels after the success of Top Gun: Maverick

More than a billion dollars (and counting) at the box office are no joke. Tom Cruise must remember every day that time when a bunch of executives tried to convince him that brand new Top Gun: Maverick directly on Paramount+, platform for streaming which is already preparing to land in Spain, was the best option from a business point of view. According to The Hollywood Reporterthe star steadfastly refused to devalue the staggering production values ​​of a block buster shot with IMAX cameras and real fighters (Cruise is not acting when we see the effects of the G Force on his face), thus demanding a theatrical release which, as we now know, would end up being the best thing that has happened to Paramount Pictures in several years. We’re talking about a man with a plan to save the cinematic experience. And the plan is, in essence, itself. He is the plan.

Given the Maverick makes it abundantly clear that the cinema-show, democracy and even the United States depend on him, since there is no one else capable of imitating him, Hollywood should take note. The pandemic clouds have already dissipated and Tom Cruise has been there to welcome the general public in his massive return to theaters. Spider-Man: No Way Home It came earlier, yes, but analysts predict that yours may end up overtaking Marvel in international box office. Not only that, but there is already talk of a kind of rebound effect: during the past weekend, both Lightyear What Elvis Y Jurassic World: Dominion They made more than fifteen million at the North American box office, something unheard of since 2018. Maverick it’s shown viewers the way, it’s reminded them why platforms really can’t compete with the dark room. One more time, Tom has saved the day both on and off screen..

Knowing Hollywood, his immediate reading of the situation will go through: a) trying to launch a third installment of top gun sooner; and b) delving into Cruise’s filmography in search of other films worthy of a late sequelwell if it worked with Maverick… We have gone ahead. Here we offer, completely free of charge, five ideas to dust off old characters from The Cruiser and help them green their laurels while they don’t stop making money. It’s a seamless plan.

Risky Business: Goodsen

The original film was so obsessed with the future of young Joel, a promising Reaganomics pup with one foot in Princeton and the other in premature self-destruction, that to bring up a sequel forty years later would make all the sense in the world… or none at all. if what you want is preserve the magic and keep the unrealized potentiality of the story. Anyway, the end of Risky Business makes it quite clear that Joel Goodsen is destined to become one of the greatest sharks finance capitalism has ever spawned, as well as that Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) will always remain its Achilles’ heel. Let us imagine, then, what would happen if she came back into his life in 2023, endangering his image as a renowned businessman and father (or grandfather) of one of the richest families in the United States. We already seem to hear Bob Seger in the background… It’s never too late to listen to old rock ‘n’ roll.

The color of money: Lauria

Rarely has a late sequel been so justifiedwell the color of money He came from the hustler, that gem released in 1959 where Paul Newman played a younger version of his character, Edward “Fast Eddie” Felson. Both were based on novels by Walter Tevis, who died shortly after publishing the second, so Vincent Lauria’s return to the pool tables should be based on an original script and start, as tradition dictates, with him coming out of retirement to teach all his tricks to a young protégé. We even have casting proposals: Miles Teller (again), Austin Butler, Anya Taylor-Joy, Dev Patel or Finn Wolfhard. Anyone but Tom Holland. We don’t want to see him in this, he has enough with everything else. What we do ask is that Billie Eilish be in charge of covering Werewolves of London.

Interview with the Vampire: Lestat

Despite its mind-boggling deal with the Devil/Portrait of Dorian Grey/Access to the Fountain of Eternal Youth, we have to admit that Il Cruiserino has aged a bit since the 1990s. Very little, less than a normal human being, but something is noticeable. Would that be a problem? Absolutely! Anne Rice Wrote Many Sequels Starring Her Most Famous Vampire, then there is more than enough material to choose from. Audiences would readily accept that several centuries of stumbling around the world and jumping from one self-imposed exile to another does that to an undead complexion. Who cares: it’s Cruise, he’s still in top form and (since Queen of the Damned It was already made into a movie) is more than ready to pick up an electric guitar and sing again, as he did in Rock of Ages.

Magnolia: Mackey

It’s not going to be easy convincing Paul Thomas Anderson to go back on his career, but maybe he’ll give the rights to Frank TJ Mackey to another screenwriter… In which case, we’re in luck: the speaker motivational/misogynistic idol would be today worshiped as a god by thousands of netizens willing to buy your books, pay for your courses on-line and risk investing in cryptocurrencies for him, despite what happened with that collection of NFTs he took out a while ago. In fact, the film could start with Frank Mackey seriously considering the possibility of start his presidential career once and for all.

Tropic Thunder: Grossman

Fifteen years after last winning an Oscar thanks to his dirty tactics with the Academy, super-producer Les Grossman reflect in your cell about everything that went wrong after that nosy journalist from New York Times I had to publish that damn article in October 2016.

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