This is how Tom Brady convinced Cameron Diaz to return to acting

The Oscar winner published the audio of the conversation with Diaz, in which he states that despite not knowing how to “come back”, he feels very emotional.

“I feel excited, but I don’t know how to do it,” admits the actress on the recording. Foxx then brings in a witness to guide her through the process: American football legend, Tom Bradywho retired from his career, but soon returned.

“I was talking to Jamie and she said you needed some advice on how to ‘unretirement,'” Brady says in the audio. “I am successful in retiring.” Diaz clearly appreciated the expert’s advice, saying, “Honestly, it’s exactly what I needed.”

Foxx and Diaz They have not given more details about Back-in-Actionbut the title suggests that both will need to be fit for the movie.

It will be Diaz’s first action role since Knight and Dayfrom 2010, which paired her with the famous stunt lover, Tom Cruise.

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