The story of the iconic car that shone alongside Brad Pitt

With you, Brad Pitt. The talented actor, throughout his career, has had to drive several cars on set. Only some remained in the emotional memory of the viewers. Next, a history of automotive culture and the seventh art.

Brad Pitt, ladies and gentlemen. The talented and versatile actor born in the Shawnee, an exponent of what the industry of Hollywood can give Your acting ability can be adapted to a comedy, drama, or action movie.

pitt has a “waist” demonstrated in more than 30 movies throughout all these years. “Babel”, “Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds”, “Thelma & Louise”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Fight Club”, are just a handful of the projects that Pitt starred in.

Throughout his career, Brad has had to drive different cars on set. Sports, convertibles, classics, even racing, but only some that shone at the height of his character and his interpretation.

in tork, we are fascinated when the automotive culture intermingles with the seventh art, since collaborations of a unique nature are born there. A car can give an “intensity” to a character that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. Example, the character of Brad Pitt in “Fight Club” it would not be the same if that mythical man would not drive wildly Camaro convertible, so remembered.

Now, in the last movie of Quentin Tarantino it is full of classic cars. We are talking about “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. This film stars Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

For much of the shoot, Pitt drives the car that belongs to DiCaprio. Memorable are the scenes of the two of them, talking, arguing, or simply contemplating, inside this “special” car.

It is specifically about the Cadillac DeVille. Cream body and dated from the factory in 1966, this car is a gem of North American industry with a spaciousness and comfort that seem lost today.

It is worth noting that this tape Tarantino It was based on the Californian environment, on its film industry and on the diatribes of the actors with western winks. Photography, costumes and cars harmonize as only Tarantino knows how to do it.

The Cadillac DeVille of running-in has a front and longitudinal engine of 8 cylinders placed in V, a displacement of 7025 cm³ and 16 valves. This allows a total power of 340 hp at 4600 rpm, while its maximum torque is located at 651 Nm.

Brad Pitt in the Cadillac DeVille from “Once upon a time in Hollywood.”

Now I ask you, reader, Did you know this classic Cadillac model?

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