The Rock has five new step-siblings on his father’s side

Through investigation, the Sports Illustrated reported that the former champion of WWE and now actor, rockhas five half-siblings on his father’s side, Rocky Johnson, with whom he has had a very tempestuous relationship. Rocky’s five sons were made DNA tests and they coincided in the kinship.

After several years of phone calls, encounters and DNA testsaccording to the report, the five adults were able to verify that they are half brothersall from the same father: “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson, father of who is also today one of the most recognized figures in cinema and WWE superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

However, despite the fact that these studies could cause a stir due to the figure of his stepbrother, the five Johnson they have no qualms with him and they stressed that “they did not do this to get something material”. Lisa Purvis, one of Rocky’s daughters stated: “Dwayne owes us nothing.. It has nothing to do with the decisions our father made in the past.”

However, both Purvis and Adrian Bowles, another of the sons, have stated that at the time they have felt some envy for The Rock, but not because of his career, but because his father has paid more attention to him than to them. “I only see that our father loved him more than us,” Purvis said.

Rocky Johnson has had some encounters with these five children, very sporadically, but his brother (the uncle of the five step-siblings), Ricky Johnsonwas one of the participants in achieving their meetings, since he maintained contact via Facebook with them and created a rapprochement with the family. “I tell them all the time: I love them very much,” said Ricky.

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